How to Live Stream UEFA Euro 2024 Online on Sling TV

Gear up for UEFA Euro 2024 and get ready to experience the thrill of every match with Sling TV! This popular streaming service provides affordable access to various sports channels, making it a fantastic option for soccer enthusiasts. In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about streaming UEFA Euro 2024 on Sling TV.

UEFA Euro 2024 on Sling TV

Catch all the UEFA Euro action on Sling TV, where you can subscribe to the Sling Orange package for just $40 per month. This package includes key channels like ESPN, ESPN1, and ESPN2, offering comprehensive coverage of the UEFA Euro. Additionally, to access Univision for exclusive content, consider getting the Sling Latino add-on package for an extra $10 per month.

UEFA Euro Detailed Schedule

Channel Lineup and Subscription Details

To watch UEFA Euro 2024 on Sling TV, you’ll find the primary channels in the Sling Orange package, featuring ESPN, ESPN1, and ESPN2. This affordable package ensures you don’t miss a goal, save, or thrilling moment during the tournament.

What Channel is UEFA Euro 2024 on Sling TV?

Sling TV provides UEFA Euro coverage through these packages:

  • Sling Orange ($40 per month): ESPN, ESPN1, and ESPN2
  • Sling Orange + Sling Blue Services ($55 per month): Extended channel lineup for a more comprehensive streaming experience

How to Watch UEFA Euro 2024 on Sling TV

To enjoy the live streaming of UEFA Euro 2024 on Sling TV, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose Your Sling TV Package:
    • Sling Orange ($40 per month): Ideal for sports enthusiasts with key channels like ESPN, ESPN1, and ESPN2. Includes other popular channels for a well-rounded experience.
    • Sling Orange + Sling Blue Services ($55 per month): For a broader selection of channels, including sports, news, and entertainment.
  2. Add the Sling Latino Package (Optional): If you wish to access Univision and exclusive Spanish language content, consider adding the Sling Latino package for an additional $10 per month.
  3. Compatible Devices: Sling TV offers flexibility with compatibility across various devices. Stream on smartphones, tablets (iOS and Android), computers (web browsers), smart TVs (Samsung, LG), streaming media players (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast), and gaming consoles (Xbox).
  4. Start Streaming UEFA Euro: Once subscribed and set up on your preferred device, you’re ready to dive into the UEFA Euro action.

Sling TV Compatible Devices

Enjoy Sling TV on a variety of devices, including:

  • Smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)
  • Computers and laptops (via web browsers)
  • Smart TVs (Samsung, LG)
  • Streaming media players (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast)
  • Gaming consoles (Xbox)

Sling TV ensures you have the flexibility to stream on the device that suits your preferences best.

How to Watch Sling TV Anywhere in the World

To watch Sling TV from anywhere in the world, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with these general steps:

  1. Choose a Reputable VPN Service: Opt for a VPN service with servers in the United States, ensuring good speed and reliability for streaming.
  2. Install the VPN App: Download and install the VPN app on your device. Most VPN providers offer apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
  3. Connect to a U.S. Server: Open the VPN app, connect to a server in the United States, and wait for the VPN to establish a secure connection.
  4. Access Sling TV: With a US IP address, access Sling TV through the app or web browser as if you were physically located in the United States.

Highlights of UEFA Euro on Sling TV

While Sling TV primarily provides live and on-demand access to sports events, including UEFA Euro matches, it also offers a DVR storage option. Record matches and catch the highlights, key moments, and goals at your convenience.

Watching Sling TV for Free

Sling TV doesn’t offer a free trial at the moment, but keep an eye out for promotional offers that may include free trial periods. These offers can provide a taste of Sling TV at no cost for a limited duration.

Alternatives to Sling TV for UEFA Euro 2024 Streaming

If Sling TV doesn’t align with your preferences, consider these alternatives for streaming UEFA Euro 2024 matches:

  1. fuboTV: A sports-focused streaming service with various packages that include sports channels like ESPN for UEFA Euro coverage.
  2. Hulu + Live TV: Hulu’s live TV service offers access to various sports channels, including those covering UEFA Euro games, along with a diverse selection of other entertainment content.
  3. YouTube TV: With a comprehensive lineup of channels, YouTube TV is a convenient option for watching UEFA Euro matches and other content.
  4. BBC iPlayer: A UK-based option for viewers in the UK to stream UEFA Euro matches, courtesy of the BBC’s broadcasting rights.

As UEFA Euro 2024 kicks off, Sling TV stands as an affordable and convenient streaming platform, bringing the excitement of European football to your screens. Subscribe, record, and immerse yourself in the games!

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