Austria’s Euro 2024 Squad: Ralf Rangnick’s Symphony of Excellence

Austria marches into UEFA Euro 2024 under the seasoned guidance of Coach Ralf Rangnick, a mastermind born in Backnang, Germany. With a record of 10 matches played, boasting 8 victories and 2 draws, Rangnick stands at the helm, orchestrating a squad that promises to leave an indelible mark on the tournament.

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The Maestro in the Dugout

Ralf Rangnick, a maestro of football strategy, leads the Austrian national team with a depth of experience that resonates through every tactical move. His journey with the squad reflects a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of success.

Squad Overview


  • Alexander Schlager: A reliable guardian of the net, Schlager brings a wealth of experience and composure.
  • Heinz Lindner: Lindner’s safe hands and strategic prowess make him a formidable presence.
  • Daniel Bachmann: Bachmann, with his agility, adds depth to Austria’s goalkeeping lineup.


Centre Backs

  • Philipp Lienhart: Lienhart’s defensive solidity and strategic acumen make him a key figure in Austria’s backline.
  • Stefan Posch: Posch’s resilience and aerial prowess contribute to Austria’s defensive strength.
  • Maximilian Wöber: Wöber’s versatility and ability to read the game make him a valuable asset.
  • Kevin Danso: Danso’s defensive skills and composure under pressure add a layer of stability.
  • Flavius Daniliuc: The young Daniliuc brings energy and promise to Austria’s defensive unit.
  • Gernot Trauner: Trauner’s physical presence and leadership qualities contribute to a robust defense.
  • Samson Baidoo: Baidoo’s agility and quick reflexes make him a rising star in the defensive ranks.

Full Backs

  • David Alaba: Alaba, a seasoned campaigner, adds experience and flair to Austria’s flanks.
  • Phillip Mwene: Mwene’s pace and attacking prowess make him a dynamic force on the wings.
  • Phillip Schnegg: Schnegg’s defensive abilities and versatility provide crucial options.
  • Andreas Ulmer: Ulmer’s experience and tenacity make him a reliable figure in the squad.


Centre Midfielders

  • Nicolas Seiwald: Seiwald’s midfield control and distribution skills set the tempo for Austria.
  • Konrad Laimer: Laimer’s box-to-box dynamism and work rate make him a linchpin in midfield.
  • Xaver Schlager: Schlager’s vision and passing ability contribute to Austria’s attacking flair.
  • Dejan Ljubičić: Ljubičić’s ball-winning capabilities and distribution add balance to the midfield.
  • Matthias Seidl: Seidl’s emerging talent and technical prowess make him one to watch.
  • Muhammed Cham: Cham’s flair and creativity provide an additional dimension to Austria’s midfield.

Defensive Midfielders

  • Florian Grillitsch: Grillitsch’s defensive acumen and ability to break opposition plays make him a vital asset.

Attacking Midfielders

  • Christoph Baumgartner: Baumgartner’s goal-scoring prowess and flair elevate Austria’s attacking threat.
  • Marcel Sabitzer: Sabitzer, a maestro in attack, brings leadership and creativity to the forefront.
  • Romano Schmid: Schmid’s youthful exuberance and technical skills make him a promising talent.
  • Alexander Prass: Prass, with his vision and passing, adds creativity to Austria’s attacking options.



  • Michael Gregoritsch: Gregoritsch’s ability to cut inside and score provides an added dimension to Austria’s attack.
  • Patrick Wimmer: Wimmer’s pace and crossing prowess make him a threat on the wings.
  • Florian Kainz: Kainz’s flair and goal-scoring ability contribute to Austria’s attacking arsenal.
  • Marko Arnautović: Arnautović’s experience and goal-scoring record make him a key figure in the forward line.
  • Karim Onisiwo: Onisiwo’s agility and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities add depth to Austria’s attack.

Centre Forwards

  • Saša Kalajdžić: Kalajdžić’s aerial prowess and goal-scoring instinct make him a formidable presence.
  • Junior Adamu: Adamu’s energy and versatility make him a valuable asset in the forward ranks.
  • Manprit Sarkaria: Sarkaria’s speed and goal-scoring ability provide an additional threat in attack.
  • Guido Burgstaller: Burgstaller’s experience and physicality make him a potent option in the forward line.
  • Maximilian Entrup: Entrup, an emerging talent, adds youthful energy to Austria’s forward contingent.


Austria’s Euro 2024 squad, under the masterful baton of Ralf Rangnick, is a symphony of footballing excellence. With a blend of seasoned campaigners and emerging talents, the team promises to captivate fans with its dynamic style of play. As the Austrian contingent prepares to step onto the grand stage of UEFA Euro 2024, they carry not just the hopes of a nation but the legacy of a footballing philosophy that values precision, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of victory. The stage is set, the players are ready, and Austria is poised to make its mark in the footballing tapestry of Euro 2024.

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