ARD to Live Stream 2024 UEFA Euro Matches

You can watch the UEFA Euro on ARD, a famous German public broadcasting channel. ARD provides extensive coverage of major sporting events, including the UEFA Euro. To access this coverage, you must pay a monthly fee of €18.36.

ARD offers comprehensive match broadcasts, pre-game and post-game analysis, and expert commentary during the UEFA Euro tournament. This channel ensures that football fans experience the excitement of one of Europe’s premier football competitions.

What Channel is UEFA Euro 2024 on ARD

The UEFA Euro is broadcast on ARD and ZDF, two major German public broadcasting channels. These channels often share coverage of major sporting events, including the UEFA Euro, to provide comprehensive access to viewers in Germany. So, you can catch all the UEFA Euro action on either ARD or ZDF, depending on your preference and the schedule of the specific matches or events you want to watch.


ARD All Package Details

ARD offers an all-inclusive package for just €18.36 per month, providing viewers with extensive content and services. This package grants access to a wide range of television programs and includes online streaming options, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite shows and events on various devices.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a fan of documentaries, or simply looking for quality entertainment, ARD’s package has you covered. It also includes coverage of major sporting events like the UEFA Euro, so you won’t miss any action. ARD’s comprehensive package delivers a diverse and enriching viewing experience for all tastes and interests for a reasonable monthly fee.

Compatible Devices

ARD’s services are accessible on various compatible devices, offering flexibility and convenience to its viewers. Whether you prefer to watch on a traditional television, a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer, ARD has you covered. Smart TVs from various brands are supported, making it easy to enjoy content on a larger screen.

Additionally, their mobile app ensures you can stay connected while on the go, whether using an Android or iOS device. If you prefer to watch on a desktop or laptop computer, the ARD website provides a user-friendly platform for streaming. This broad device compatibility ensures you can access ARD’s content anytime and anywhere, enhancing your viewing experience to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

How to Watch ARD Anywhere in the World

To watch ARD anywhere worldwide, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass geographical restrictions and access the content.

Here are the general steps to do so:

  1. Select a reputable VPN service that suits your needs and budget. Ensure it offers servers in Germany to access ARD content.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device. Follow the instructions to set it up, including creating an account if required.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to a server located in Germany. This will assign you a German IP address, making it appear you’re browsing from within Germany.
  4. After establishing your VPN connection, open your browser or ARD’s official app. You should now have unrestricted access to ARD content as if you were physically in Germany.
  5. Browse and enjoy ARD’s extensive content library, including live broadcasts, on-demand shows, and sports events, no matter where you are.

Can I watch Highlights of the UEFA Euro on ARD

Yes, you can watch highlights of the UEFA Euro on ARD. ARD typically provides comprehensive coverage of the UEFA Euro tournament, which includes highlights of key moments from matches, such as goals, significant plays, and post-match analysis.

These highlights are often featured in sports programs and dedicated segments during and after matches, allowing you to catch up on the most exciting moments of the tournament, even if you miss the live games. So, if you want to stay updated with the best moments from the UEFA Euro, tuning in to ARD’s coverage is a great way to do so.

How to Watch ARD for Free

Mandatory broadcasting fees in Germany primarily fund ARD, so if you’re in Germany and own a television or radio, you can access ARD for free. However, if you’re outside Germany and looking to watch ARD online, there be limited options for free access due to geographical restrictions. To access ARD content from abroad, you need to explore paid streaming services or consider using a VPN to appear as if you’re browsing from Germany.

What are the Alternatives to ARD for UEFA Euro Streaming

ZDF: ZDF, another primary German public broadcasting channel, often shares coverage of the UEFA Euro. It’s a reliable source for live matches and highlights.

fuboTV: fuboTV offers live streaming of sports events, including UEFA Euro matches. They have various packages that include sports channels and provide access to live broadcasts and highlights.

Sling TV: Sling TV provides customizable packages, including sports-focused options. You can choose a package with access to channels broadcasting UEFA Euro games, depending on your preferences.

YouTube TV: YouTube TV offers live streaming of various channels, including those broadcasting UEFA Euro matches. It provides a user-friendly interface and cloud DVR for recording games.

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