UEFA Euro 2024 Spain Squad Spotlight

Spain, a perennial footballing powerhouse, is set to dazzle the football world at UEFA Euro 2024 under the astute guidance of Coach Luis De La Fuente. In this in-depth squad analysis, we explore the tactical brilliance of Coach De La Fuente and delve into the diverse talents within the Spanish squad—from goalkeepers to forwards. Join us as we unravel the story of La Furia Roja ready to reclaim its spot at the pinnacle of European football in UEFA Euro 2024.

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Maestro at the Helm

Luis De La Fuente, born on 1961-06-21 in Haro, Spain, stands as the orchestrator of Spain’s football symphony. Leading the team in 10 matches with a perfect 10/0 record, Coach De La Fuente brings tactical acumen and vast experience to the forefront, positioning Spain as a formidable force in Euro 2024.

Squad Overview


  • Unai Simón (6/11/1997)
  • Kepa Arrizabalaga (10/3/1994)
  • David Raya (9/15/1995)

Centre Backs

  • Robin Le Normand (11/11/1996)
  • Aymeric Laporte (5/27/1994)
  • Iñigo Martínez (5/17/1991)
  • David García (2/14/1994)
  • Pau Torres (1/16/1997)

Full Backs

  • Dani Carvajal (1/11/1992)
  • José Luis Gayà (5/25/1995)
  • Alejandro Balde (10/18/2003)
  • Jordi Alba (3/21/1989)
  • Pedro Porro (9/13/1999)


Attacking Midfielders

  • Gavi (8/5/2004)
  • Dani Olmo (5/7/1998)
  • Marco Asensio (1/21/1996)
  • Oihan Sancet (4/25/2000)
  • Álex Baena (7/20/2001)
  • Bryan Zaragoza (9/9/2001)
  • Rodrigo Riquelme (4/2/2000)
  • Aleix García (6/28/1997)

Defensive and Central Midfielders

  • Rodri (6/22/1996)
  • Mikel Merino (6/22/1996)
  • Fabián Ruiz (4/3/1996)
  • Martín Zubimendi (2/2/1999)
  • Dani Ceballos (8/7/1996)


Right Winger Trio: Yamil, Nico, and Iago

  • Yamil Yamal (7/13/2007)
  • Nico Williams (7/12/2002)
  • Iago Aspas (8/1/1987)

Left Winger Trio: Pino, Yamal, and Fati

  • Yeremy Pino (10/20/2002)
  • Lamine Yamal (7/13/2007)
  • Ansu Fati (10/31/2002)


  • Álvaro Morata (10/23/1992)
  • Joselu (3/27/1990)
  • Rodrigo Moreno (3/6/1991)
  • Borja Iglesias (1/17/1993)


La Furia Roja, under the tactical mastery of Coach Luis De La Fuente, presents a formidable squad for UEFA Euro 2024. From a solid defensive line to dynamic midfielders and prolific forwards, Spain embodies a rich footballing tradition ready to shine once again on the European stage. As the team prepares to face its rivals, fans worldwide anticipate the captivating football, flair, and passion that will define Spain’s journey in the pursuit of Euro 2024 glory. The stage is set, and the Matadors are ready to reclaim their place among the footballing elite.

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