Eagles Soar: Albania’s Quest in UEFA Euro 2024

Albania, the rising force in European football, is gearing up for an impactful performance at UEFA Euro 2024 under the watchful eye of Coach Sylvinho. In this detailed squad analysis, we explore Sylvinho’s tactical acumen and the diverse talents within the Albanian squad, from goalkeepers to forwards. Join us as we unravel the story of the Eagles, ready to soar high on the wings of passion and skill.

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Maestro at the Helm

Sylvinho, born on 1974-04-12 in São Paulo, Brazil, stands at 1.73m and brings a wealth of experience to the Albanian team. With 9 matches played and an impressive 8/1 record, Coach Sylvinho’s tactical brilliance positions Albania as a team to watch in Euro 2024.

Squad Overview


  • Etrit Berisha (3/10/1989)
  • Thomas Strakosha (3/19/1995)


Centre Backs

  • Berat Djimsiti (2/19/1993)
  • Ardian Ismajli (9/30/1996)
  • Arlind Ajeti (9/25/1993)
  • Enea Mihaj (7/5/1998)
  • Marash Kumbulla (2/8/2000)

Full Backs

  • Mario Mitaj (8/6/2003)
  • Elseid Hysaj (2/20/1994)
  • Iván Balliu (1/1/1992)
  • Freddie Veseli (11/20/1992)


Defensive and Central Midfielders

  • Kristjan Asllani (3/9/2002)
  • Ylber Ramadani (4/12/1996)
  • Klaus Gjasula (12/14/1989)
  • Qazim Laçi (1/19/1996)
  • Keidi Bare (8/28/1997)

Attacking Midfielders

  • Nedim Bajrami (2/28/1999)
  • Anis Mehmeti (1/9/2001)


  • Jasir Asani (5/19/1995)
  • Sokol Cikalleshi (7/27/1990)
  • Myrto Uzuni (5/31/1995)
  • Taulant Seferi (11/15/1996)
  • Marvin Çuni (7/10/2001)
  • Arbnor Muçolli (9/15/1999)


  • Ernest Muçi (3/19/2001)
  • Mirlind Daku (1/1/1998)
  • Arbnor Muja (11/29/1998)
  • Armando Sadiku (5/27/1991)


Under the strategic guidance of Coach Sylvinho, the Eagles of Albania showcase a balanced and talented squad for UEFA Euro 2024. From a sturdy defense to dynamic midfielders and goal-scoring forwards, Albania is set to leave its mark on the European stage. As the Eagles take flight, fans worldwide anticipate the passion and determination that define Albanian football. The stage is set, and Albania is ready to soar into the hearts of football enthusiasts with a performance that reflects the resilience and spirit of the Eagles.

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