Rising Stars: Slovenia’s Ascent in UEFA Euro 2024Slovenia Squad

Slovenia, the emerging force in European football, is poised for a breakthrough at UEFA Euro 2024 under the guidance of Coach Matjaž Kek. In this comprehensive squad analysis, we delve into Kek’s coaching prowess and the array of talents within the Slovenian team, from goalkeepers to forwards. Join us on a journey through Slovenia’s football landscape as they aim to make their mark on the grand stage.

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Mastermind in the Dugout

Matjaž Kek, born on 1961-09-09 in Maribor, Slovenia, stands tall at 1.84m and brings a wealth of coaching acumen to the Slovenian team. With 10 matches played and an impeccable record of 10/0, Coach Kek’s tactical brilliance positions Slovenia as a team ready to create waves in Euro 2024.

Squad Overview


  • Jan Oblak (1/7/1993)
  • Vid Belec (6/6/1990)
  • Matevž Vidovšek (10/30/1999)


Centre Backs

  • Karničnik, Žan (9/18/1994)
  • Bijol, Jaka (2/5/1999)
  • Blažič, Miha (5/8/1993)
  • Gorenc Stanković, Jon (1/14/1996)
  • Drkušić, Vanja (10/30/1999)
  • Gnezda Čerin, Adam (7/16/1999)

Full Backs

  • Stojanović, Petar (10/7/1995)
  • Janža, Erik (6/21/1993)
  • Balkovec, Jure (9/9/1994)


Central Midfielders

  • Gnezda Čerin, Adam (7/16/1999)
  • Elšnik, Timi Max (4/29/1998)
  • Horvat, Tomi (3/24/1999)
  • Šeško, Benjamin (5/31/2003)

Defensive Midfielders

  • Lovrič, Sandi (3/28/1998)


  • Šporar, Andraž (2/27/1994)
  • Verbič, Benjamin (11/27/1993)
  • Celar, Žan (3/14/1999)
  • Vombergar, Andrés (11/20/1994)
  • Zahović, Luka (11/15/1995)

Attacking Midfielder

  • Gnezda Čerin, Adam (7/16/1999)
  • Zajc, Miha (7/1/1994)
  • Kurtič, Jasmin (1/10/1989)


  • Verbič, Benjamin (11/27/1993)


  • Šeško, Benjamin (5/31/2003)
  • Mlakar, Jan (10/23/1998)


Under the astute guidance of Coach Matjaž Kek, Slovenia enters UEFA Euro 2024 with a dynamic squad, blending experience with youthful exuberance. From a solid defensive foundation to creative midfielders and goal-scoring prowess upfront, Slovenia promises to captivate football enthusiasts with their unique style of play. As the Slovenian stars grace the European stage, anticipation builds for the team’s spirited performance, reflecting the nation’s passion for the beautiful game. Slovenia’s journey in Euro 2024 is set to be a testament to their footballing evolution, marking the beginning of a new era for Slovenian football.

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