Danish Dynamism: Unveiling the Power of Denmark’s UEFA Euro 2024 Squad

As the UEFA Euro 2024 approaches, all eyes are on Denmark, a team guided by the strategic brilliance of Coach Kasper Hjulmand. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the details of Denmark’s squad, exploring the strengths and talents that make them a formidable force in European football.

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The Maestro in Command

Kasper Hjulmand, born on 1972-04-09 in Aalborg, Denmark, stands at the helm of the Danish team, weaving tactical acumen and strategic insight into a cohesive unit. With a remarkable record of 10 matches played and a flawless 10/0 standing, Coach Hjulmand symbolizes Denmark’s aspirations for Euro 2024.

Squad Overview


  • Kasper Schmeichel (11/5/1986)


Centre Backs

  • Simon Kjær (3/26/1989)
  • Joachim Andersen (5/31/1996)
  • Andreas Christensen (4/10/1996)
  • Victor Nelsson (10/14/1998)
  • Jannik Vestergaard (8/3/1992)
  • Mathias ‘Zanka’ Jørgensen (4/23/1990)

Full Backs

  • Joakim Mæhle (5/20/1997)
  • Rasmus Kristensen (7/11/1997)
  • Jens Stryger Larsen (2/21/1991)
  • Victor Kristiansen (12/16/2002)
  • Elias Jelert (6/12/2003)


Central Midfielders

  • Pierre-Émile Højbjerg (8/5/1995)
  • Mathias Jensen (1/1/1996)
  • Morten Hjulmand (6/25/1999)
  • Matt O’Riley (11/21/2000)
  • Philip Billing (6/11/1996)

Attacking Midfielders

  • Christian Eriksen (2/14/1992)
  • Jesper Lindstrøm (2/29/2000)
  • Nicolai Vallys (9/4/1996)

Defensive Midfielders

  • Christian Nørgaard (3/10/1994)
  • Thomas Delaney (9/3/1991)


  • Alexander Bah (12/9/1997)
  • Jonas Wind (2/7/1999)
  • Andreas Skov Olsen (12/29/1999)
  • Mohamed Daramy (1/7/2002)
  • Kasper Dolberg (10/6/1997)
  • Mikkel Damsgaard (7/3/2000)
  • Kasper Skov (5/20/1996)


  • Rasmus Højlund (2/4/2003)
  • Martin Braithwaite (6/5/1991)
  • Yussuf Yurary Poulsen (6/15/1994)


Denmark, under the astute guidance of Coach Kasper Hjulmand, presents a squad with a perfect blend of experience and youthful vigor. From the defensive solidity provided by stalwarts to the creative sparks in midfield and the firepower upfront, Denmark stands ready to captivate football fans at Euro 2024. The stage is set for the Danish dynamism to unfold, and as the tournament unfolds, Denmark aims to etch its name among the footballing elite with a stellar performance in the quest for European glory.

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