UEFA Euro 2024 Hungary Squad Analysis

Hungary, a nation rich in footballing history, is set to make a resounding impact at UEFA Euro 2024 under the guidance of seasoned coach Marco Rossi. In this detailed analysis, we explore the tactical acumen of Coach Rossi and delve into the diverse talents within the Hungarian squad—from goalkeepers to forwards. Join us as we unravel the story of the Magyars aiming for glory in UEFA Euro 2024.

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Coaching Experience

Marco Rossi, born on 1964-09-09 in Druento, Italy, brings a wealth of tactical expertise to the Hungarian squad. With a coaching career marked by commitment and strategic brilliance, Rossi has overseen 10 matches, showcasing his dedication to shaping Hungary into a formidable team.

Squad Overview


  • Dénes Dibusz (11/16/1990)

Centre Backs

  • Attila Szalai (1/20/1998)
  • Ádám Lang (1/17/1993)
  • Botond Balogh (6/6/2002)
  • Orbán Willi (11/3/1992)

Left Back

  • Milos Kerkez (7/11/2003)
  • Zsolt Nagy (5/25/1993)

Right Back

  • Loïc Négo (1/15/1991)
  • Bolla Bendegúz (11/22/1999)
  • Endre Botka (8/25/1994)
  • Attila Fiola (2/17/1990)


Centre Midfielders

  • Dominik Szoboszlai (10/25/2000)
  • Ádám Nagy (6/17/1995)
  • Dániel Gazdag (3/2/1996)
  • Kalmár Zsolt (6/9/1995)
  • Mihály Kata (4/13/2002)
  • Péter Baráth (2/21/2002)
  • Soma Szuhodovszki (12/30/1999)
  • Martin Ádám (11/6/1994)

Defensive Midfielder

  • Roland Sallai (5/22/1997)

Left Midfielder

  • János Ferenczi (4/3/1991)

Right Midfielder

  • Callum Styles (3/27/2000)

Attacking Midfielders

  • Bálint Vécsei (7/13/1993)
  • Mihály Kata (4/13/2002)
  • László Kleinheisler (4/8/1994)
  • Krisztofer Horváth (1/8/2002)


  • Martin Ádám (11/6/1994)
  • Barnabás Varga (1/25/1994)
  • Kevin Csoboth (6/20/2000)
  • András Németh (11/9/2002)


The Magyars, under the seasoned guidance of Coach Marco Rossi, present a dynamic squad for UEFA Euro 2024. With a mix of experienced players and emerging talents in every position, Hungary is set to bring a blend of skill, strategy, and determination to the tournament. As the team embarks on this footballing journey, fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the resurgence of Hungarian football on the European stage. The stage is set, and Hungary is ready to create its own chapter in the history of international football.

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